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About us:

We are the first Hyperthermia treatment center in the Philippines, but our  equipment puts us at the top of the field, worldwide. We employ various  devices, capable of treating tumors at all depths within the human body.


Hyperthermia - a very ancient concept, applied by modern day medical devices. It heats tumors and can actually cause them to die out. The success of Hyperthermia depends on the types of devices used, as well as the careful design and implementation of the treatment. 


Upon reaching temperatures of 42°C - 43°C within the tumor, a process of cell death occurs (apoptosis). This also produces Heat Shock Proteins, which stimulate immune system response. When used alongside other treatments, such as IVC (high dose vitamin C infusion, with few other elements), Chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it turns the efficacy of the latter onto, in many cases over doubling the response rate. It also sensitizes the tumor, so response to radiation and chemotherapy occurs.

lung hyperthermia

We offer strictly science based therapies, and these are offered only upon prescription by an MD at our clinic. 
Our therapies are delivered by experienced registered nurses, operating under the supervision of our medical director. We also operate a dialysis center on the same level, so we have a back-up nurses and doctors at all times, in case of emergency.  Any of the therapies we offer, and the devices we operate, are not available anywhere else in the Philippines.
We keep in touch with medical professionals around the world to stay current with the latest developments in cancer therapies, and strive to offer the best state of the art therapies, for the best prices possible. 



We “marry” foreign cutting edge knowledge
and technology,
with traditional local compassionate medical  practices, offered at  affordable Philippine prices.

Meet our medical director:

doc Homer

Homer Lee Lim, MD

Philippine College of Gerontology and Geriatrics.
Integrative Medical Doctor & Alternative
Medicine Researcher.

Please browse our list of therapies, and educate yourself in the options we offer. There is a sea of information out there, and we can help provide more information if needed. But there is no substitute for true professional medical advice, to both enhance 
diagnosis and advice on the best therapeutic program to meet the specific needs of the patient.